The pursuit begins here.

The pursuit begins here

What does it mean to follow Jesus each day? To have fellowship with him in every moment? To experience his love in every circumstance? To put him and his desires first, above everything else? To passionately pursue his peace and his presence with everything I have and everything that I am?

I want to find out.

If I’m honest, there are many days where I don’t want this. Oftentimes, at best, I want to want this. Sometimes I struggle and fight to follow him. Other times it’s not much of a struggle at all. I let distractions and lesser pursuits divert my attention.

But part of me desperately wants to love God with all my heart. And I want that part to grow over time until it is the dominant force in my life. I crave for this to become my regular experience.

I’m going to start pursuing peace. I’m just going to bare my heart and try to learn something new every day. Then I’m going to do the really hard part, and try to put it into practice.

The best part is that even when I’m not pursuing peace, peace keeps pursuing me. The one who is peace seeks me out, gives himself for me, and chooses to live in and through me. And he is teaching me to live that kind of life. What he calls “abundant life.” That’s what I want for my life, and for yours too.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments. Or feel free to contact me at or find out more about me.

I invite you to join me on this journey into the mystery of the one who is our Pursuing Peace.