Sometimes you see the change coming. Other times, it sneaks up on you.

Leaving Lotpath

Today is my last day working at Lotpath, a company that I co-founded and where I have served as CTO since 2007. We’ve spent the past 11 years building software for the Agriculture industry. Lotpath has some exciting near-term prospects with new products coming out for Harvest Scheduling and Field Labor tracking and compliance.

A few weeks back, I received a phone call from Aplos asking me to consider coming to work for them. This was a tremendously difficult decision to make. I’ve invested so much time in Lotpath and it’s really hard to let go. But eventually my bride and I decided it was time to take on a new challenge.

It’s not easy to move on from something I’ve invested so much time and energy building. It’s also difficult to leave behind the daily interactions I’ve enjoyed with friends and co-workers after years of working together. I have been so blessed to be part of the Lotpath team and I wish them nothing but success now and in the future.

I’m starting at Aplos on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Let the next adventure begin!


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