Consistent delivery on time, on budget and with high quality. Impossible?

God help you if this bears a resemblance to your system design!

In the midst of the rush to deliver features and meet aggressive deadlines, almost all projects begin with the best of intentions and an early sense of velocity and productivity. However most projects reach a point where productivity slows to a crawl. The complexity of the system becomes difficult if not impossible to manage efficiently and effectively. A lack of adequate documentation leaves tacit knowledge in the heads of developers. Changes in requirements necessitate major changes to the system, often leading to new defects and bugs. Maintenance and support headaches grow and even accelerate over time.

Most software development teams lack lightweight processes and techniques which can address these significant problems. System Design and Project Design define such lightweight processes and techniques. These are not silver bullets, but engineering disciplines that can provide the following benefits:

  • Consistent delivery on time, on budget and with high quality

  • Empowered development teams making and keeping their commitments to deliver while experiencing a huge boost in morale and confidence

  • Project Management visibility and control over the status and schedule of the project

  • Rapid delivery of new functionality as defined and prioritized by Product Owners

  • Ability to accommodate changes in requirements without massive rework

  • Measurement of system cost and performance from the beginning of a project, rather than being surprised once it’s too late

System Design and Project Design work together to enable software development teams to Save Time, Save Money and Assure Quality at every step of the Software Development Lifecycle.

System Design Spectrum

Project Design Spectrum

This is just the beginning. Take the next step by exploring Software Architecture Fundamentals.


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