MRP System with ERP Integration for a National Premium Juice producer 1999-2007

Worked with a team to build a customized materials resource planning system using VB, MS Access and MS SQL to meet the specific and specialized needs of the company. The system tracked and traced product through the entire lifecycle from purchasing procurement, raw material and packaging in-transit, receiving, inventory, production staging, production, post production, finished goods, order fulfillment, and outbound shipping. The system included a powerful forecasting module which, given a specified expected product demand, would generate a full bill of materials for all necessary production inputs. The forecasting module would determine what on-hand product was available to fulfill the forecast, as well as what product would need to be purchased, including the necessary lead times for receiving the raw materials. This allowed for just-in-time production planning, reducing the cost of carrying an excessive raw materials inventory.

Additionally, a C# .Net windows mobile application was created for raw material receiving, inventory management, finished goods management, and order fulfillment. This application removed the need for paper, significantly reduced order fulfillment errors, and greatly improved data collection efficiency and accuracy. The near-real time nature of the application allowed business decisions to be made in a more nimble fashion, and eradicated the need for data entry from a paper source, minimizing errors and increasing efficiency.

Product Quality Tracking System for a major producer of fruit cups

Designed a customized product quality reporting application. The system was designed to track dozens of key quality metrics, measured at multiple intervals throughout the production cycle. Quality metrics were used to inform various business decisions related to product safety, specification conformity, and fitness regarding customer requirements. Integrated with Mettler Toledo scales for verifying product weight tolerances in an automated fashion.

Charter Bus Company System Migration

Migrated a legacy VB6 application to C# .Net for charter bus logistics. This application is the primary tool of business operations for this client so success was mission critical. Major features included ordering, CRM, billing, accounts receivable, dispatch management, and driver payroll. Additionally, created a WPF large-font dispatch dashboard, similar to arrival/departure screens seen in airports. This application auto-provisioned multiple scheduled days across a dynamic number of connected large screen monitors. The application greatly improved schedule visibility and collaboration, removed the need to manually write on a blackboard, reduced errors, and allowed schedule modifications directly in the application without the need to erase and rewrite.

Diversified Farming Operation Systems

Created multiple applications for a $100M revenue diversified farming operation. Built a budgeting system for planning resource allocations across all aspects of the farming operation, including expected labor allocations, water allocations, plantings, equipment usage, and land related expenses. Most agricultural budgeting systems are built for smaller operations that budget per cost center (field). This system was designed to allow for budgeting by groups of cost centers, allowing for budgeting and allocations at a higher level. This approach increased efficiency of creating budgets, including various trial budgets for comparison. It also alleviated the previous requirement for accountants to budget at an excessively granular level, or perform their budgeting in a disconnected system such as Excel. Also built a farm labor tracking system which provided a shared interface for Labor Contractors and the company for payroll calculations and reporting.

Lotpath Quality SaaS Application for Fresh Produce Inspections

Built the best-in-class, de facto cloud-hosted web and mobile application for Fresh Produce inspections. The system enabled produce companies to customize their inspection protocols according to the demands of their various critical control points such as receiving, packing, cold storage and shipping. The real-time nature of the quality data collection enabled users to make more accurate and efficient decisions regarding production scheduling, and product-customer fit.

Brio Harvest SaaS Application for Agricultural Harvest Scheduling

Built a cloud hosted web and mobile collaboration application for agricultural harvest scheduling. The application replaced Excel spreadsheets, emails and text messages previously in use for managing harvest scheduling and logistics. The application improved communication accuracy and efficiency between the different participants in the harvest process, and enabled improved production planning based on more accurate harvest forecast information coming from the field.

Pago Labor SaaS Application for Farm and Agricultural Labor Management

Built a cloud hosted web and mobile data collection and compliance application for agricultural labor. The application ensured full chain of custody for all labor and production related data, minimizing errors and greatly reducing the ability to game the system or commit payroll and employment fraud. The system also contained a powerful compliance engine for ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, while still allowing for innovative compensation strategies such as pay-per-piece.

GigRonin Saas Application for Real-time, On demand staffing

Advised GigRonin on architecting their cloud hosted web and mobile staffing system. Mentored senior management regarding System Design, Project Design, Process Design and Team Leadership.

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