Jeff Doolittle

Hey, that's me!

I am a Software Architecture and Project Design Mentor. I have over twenty years of experience designing and architecting software systems, and providing developer leadership and mentorship.

I thrive on helping teams create solutions to real world problems that help make people’s lives and jobs better.

I am also a Husband, Father, Musician, Composer, Reader, Thinker, Tinkerer and Innovator.

I bring together a diverse set of experiences and skills in Technology, Leadership, Project Management, and Creative Processes.

Why “Pursuing Peace?” Because above everything else, my aim is to pursue Jesus Christ, the one who is our Peace. He is the highest good for which I aim in all my endeavors.

Here you’ll find my writings and musings on a broad array of topics. I hope you’ll learn something new. I hope you’ll be challenged and stretched. I invite you to interact in the discussions to pass along what you are learning yourself.

I look forward to getting to know one another better.



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