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Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, OR

Back in August I discovered the Software Engineering Radio (SE Radio) podcast and immediately became hooked. It covered a broad range of topics, and I enjoyed that the show included a team of hosts, differentiating it from the many single-host podcasts.

During one of the episodes, the host mentioned that SE Radio was looking for new hosts to join their team. I figured I was too late to the party, but put my name in the hat anyway. After completing the interview process, I was thrilled to discover that I made the cut and was invited to join the team.

I am especially pleased to announce that my first episode as a host was published today!

Episode 388: Bob Kepford on Decoupled Content Management Systems

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In future episodes I plan to focus the majority of my time discussing Software Architecture, Project Design, Team Dynamics, and Leadership in the context of Software Engineering. Stay tuned!