Felienne joined me on Software Engineering Radio for a conversation about her recently published book, The Programmer's Brain.

Trullium Creek

When I joined Software Engineering Radio as a host, I looked forward to the opportunity to learn more about podcasting from the inside and a chance to have access to guests less accessible to shows with shorter tenure and limited reach. What I did not anticipate was the quality and caliber of the colleagues I would join as hosts on the show. I also did not anticpate that I would have the distinct privilege of hosting the first episode of the show to highlight the work of one of my fellow hosts, Felienne Hermans.

Felinne recently published a wonderful book, The Programmer’s Brain. The publisher introduces the book by explaining that:

Your brain responds in a predictable way when it encounters new or difficult tasks. This unique book teaches you concrete techniques rooted in cognitive science that will improve the way you learn and think about code.

I encourage you to listen to Episode 462: Felienne on the Programmers Brain and get a copy of her book. I believe you won’t be disappointed.

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