Software Architect and Mentor

Jeremiah Baird, CPO, GigRonin

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to grow personally and professionally

I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff over a decade ago. I was instantly impressed with his grasp of software development and architectural/design concepts. He has a true passion that is felt immediately, and he became my “Go To” for large projects, complicated concepts, and cutting edge solutions.

Having been in IT for 25 years and 16 of those years in software development, when I found an opportunity to have Jeff as a mentor I jumped at the chance. I wanted to benefit from his strong leadership skills, passion, and personal drive for constant learning and improvement. Jeff has shared great insights, concepts and has given me the push I needed to not only continue my professional development but my personal growth as well.

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone that wants to be challenged and to grow professionally & personally, Jeff genuinely cares and wants to share and develop together and to help you achieve your goals. I will always be grateful for Jeff’s time, friendship, & guidance and I believe others will feel the same. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting to grow personally and professionally.

Greg Fiske, Senior Software Engineer, CleanSpark, LLC

Jeff has Courage, Passion, Knowledge, and a Servant Heart

Jeff has the exceptional ability to quickly and elegantly express ideas in clean, working code. He has experience in doing that in every aspect of a software project - server, mobile, web, “cloud,” whatever. He has courage to “dive in” and embrace new challenges. Combined with a passion for sharing his knowledge, an eagerness to engage with others, and a servant heart, he is a software engineering leader.

David Chilcott, Founder & President, Outformations


I’ve worked with a lot of software architects and developers over the years and I have to say that Jeff is one of the best. His passion, creativity and craftsmanship make him a delight to work with. He is smart, personable and has great communication skills. He embodies Agile values, particularly Communication, Courage, and Respect. If you have an opportunity to collaborate with him, don’t pass it up! TWO BIG THUMBS UP!

Ward Bell, President, IdeaBlade

Jeff Gets Things Done

Jeff is a top-notch professional who knows his stuff, cares about his customers, and gets things done. I always recommend Jeff enthusiastically and always sleep well when Jeff is on the case.

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