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I have had opportunities to lead in multiple contexts and capacities over the course of my life and career. These have included software consulting, co-founding software startups where I operated as CTO, planting a church, and my current role as a software architect. Along the way I realized I had been a student and practitioner of leadership for most of my life. I added academic studies to my ongoing education in leadership, completing a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership in 2010. I remain passionate and dedicated to my primary vocation: I help make good software professionals great!

Software Leadership Distilled provides an overview of concepts and practices software organizations can adopt to help their teams and leaders to thrive. It brings my experiences and studies together with expertise gleaned from mentoring and training as well as works by other leaders both inside and outside the software industry.

The Leadership Style Matrix

Different situations call for different styles of leadership. Applying a particular style in a non-ideal situation can obstruct the attainment of group goals and dampen group member satisfaction in their work.

The Leadership Style Matrix

The Leadership Style Matrix guides leaders in assessing their effectiveness as leaders. It helps them evaluate whether their default leadership styles properly align with the situations and circumstances they commonly encounter together with the groups in which they lead.

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