Discover how mathematics, logic, immutability and other concepts can give you an edge when designing and running distributed systems.

The Art of Immutable Architecture

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Distributed systems present unique challenges and difficulties for system designers and maintainers. No silver bullet can perfectly meet these challenges or magically resolve such difficulties. But sometimes taking a different approach to a problem can simplify the process of defining a system and make it easier to communicate the intent of the designer. In the Fight for Clarity, the value of improving the shared understanding of the design cannot be overstated.

In The Art of Immutable Architecture, Michael L. Perry describes an approach to distributed system design based on fundamental principles of mathematics, logic and immutability. Applying the constraints and patterns described in the book can greatly reduce the effort required of system designers and implementers when dealing with the challenges of distributed systems.

The Immutable Architecture Book Club will, of course, explore the principles of immutable architecture. But even better, you’ll come away with practical knowledge and tools you can use to begin applying these principles in your own system design and implementation endeavors. As an added bonus Michael will join us for a few strategic sessions throughout the duration of the club.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to grow as a software professional and connect with like-minded colleagues and industry experts.

The book club will meet at 8 AM Pacific Time for 15 weeks from August 12 to November 18, 2021. See the Schedule below for details.


Get the book (The Art of Immutable Architecture) and register below.

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Roadie and Rock Star! registrants will receive access to additional tools to aid in the understanding and application of the principles of immutable architecture.

Rock Star! registrants will also receive access to an invite-only event with a surprise industry expert in the area of distributed system design.

Register before August 5th with promo code IMMUTABLE20 to save $20 on your registration fee.

Level Price
Rock Star! $100
Roadie $50
Fan $35

Once you have registered you will receive a message with information on joining the book club discussion Google Group, and accessing the weekly Zoom meeting.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Week Date Reading Topic
1 12-Aug-2021 Intro and Ch. 1 Pages 1-8 The Fallacies of Distributed Computing
2 19-Aug-2021 Ch. 1 Pages 9-27 Immutability Changes Everything
3 26-Aug-2021 Ch. 2 Pages 29-45 Event Sourcing and Async Model-View-Update
4 02-Sep-2021 Ch. 2 Pages 45-58 Historical Modeling
5 09-Sep-2021 Ch. 3 How to Read an Historical Model
6 16-Sep-2021 Ch. 4 Location Independence
7 23-Sep-2021 Ch. 5 Analysis
8 30-Sep-2021 Ch. 6 State Transitions
9 07-Oct-2021 Ch. 7 Security
10 14-Oct-2021 Ch. 8 Pages 243-268 Structural Patterns
11 21-Oct-2021 Ch. 8 Pages 268-286 Workflow Patterns
12 28-Oct-2021 Ch. 9 Query Inverses
13 04-Nov-2021 Ch. 10 SQL Databases
14 11-Nov-2021 Ch. 11 Communication
15 18-Nov-2021 Ch. 12 Generated Behaviors

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