A Software Engineering Radio episode with Michael L. Perry on his recently published book.

Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington

Michael L. Perry joined me recently as a guest on Software Engineering Radio. We had an enlightening conversation about the future potential of software architecture. Awareness of the benefits of immutability have grown over time. The broader adoption of functional languages and the increased need to simplify concurrent multiprocess resource access has caused an increasing number of software developers to explore the benefits of immutability. But “immutable architecture”? What even is that? Is it even desireable, and if so can it even be done?

Michael presents his answers to these questions in his book, The Art of Immutable Architecture. He draws inspiration from philosophy, math, science, the latest innovations in cryptography and many other sources to describe a future where immutability and architecture go hand in hand.

Michael Perry on Immutable Architecture on Software Engineering Radio.

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