Philip Kiely joined me on Software Engineering Radio to discuss his recently published book.

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Software professionals regularly find ourselves writing for various purposes. Improved writing skills are critical to ensure clarity of communication and intent. I recently discovered a new book that can help. Writing for Software Developers by Philip Kiely provides many tools and practices to help improve your writing skills. I recently had the pleasure to host Philip as my guest on Software Engineering Radio.

Writing for Software Developers with Philip Kiely on Software Engineering Radio.

Phil graduated with Honors in Computer Science from Grinnell College in May, 2020. Beginning in the spring of 2019 he started writing and publishing technical tutorials and rapidly experienced success. Friends and co-workers started asking him how they could do the same. Their interest inspired Phil to write and publish his first book, Writing for Software Developers. He completed the book on May 12, 2020, a mere six days before his virtual college graduation ceremony.

Phil lives in Clive, Iowa. When he is not writing and programming, he practices martial arts, reads widely, and furtherers his love of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Philip Kiely

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